Our friends from around the world
Euchee, Ten Mile, Tennessee, USA
Link to the station: http://sites.google.com/site/tenmileweather/
Greg Whitehead wrote: "I am in Euchee, Tennessee USA. I have an Oregon Scientific WMR968 and a La Crosse 2315. I use WUHU software for both stations".
Fauske, Northern Norway. N 6715'41", E 1524'41"
Link to the station: http://www.bjornli.net/
TorH wrote: "The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2. Location: inside and by the fjord, have live webcam showing Fauskevika wich is inside this fjord called Saltenfjorden also called Skjerstadfjorden".
Mount Crawford, Virginia, USA
Link to the station: http://www.mountcrawfordweather.org/
Sam wrote: "Current weather conditions for the Mount Crawford, Virginia community and surrounding area. Condition updates every 5 minutes, and historical archives. Web cam with time lapse movie archives. Local River and Flood Levels. Soil Temp and MORE!!!".
Marion, Virginia, USA
Link to the station: http://www.smythweather.net/

Wayne Thomas wrote: "It is located in Southwestern Virginia just west of the town of Marion in Smyth County. Currently I am operating a Davis Vantage Vue and an Oregon Scientific WMR 968 for data collection. Weather Display does the bulk of the data processing and the actual web page is populated by this data through the use of php scripting that has been graciously made available by Ken True, Mike Challis, Jim Wyman and many other talented folks. The data on the site is updated every 60 seconds.

With the fascination of weather being a long time hobby of mine I hope to be able to deliver some content that may benefit the public and go hand in hand with the NWS's main goal to save and or protect life and property".

Komoka, Ontario, Canada
Link to the station: http://www.komokaweather.com/
Paul wrote: "Paul's Komoka Weather Station is located in the Village of Komoka, southern Ontario Canada, which is a few km west of the City of London, Ontario between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario - two of the Great Lakes. The station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and using the Davis Envoy for download and connection to the computer that uploads to Paul's Komoka Weather website. Weather programs in use are Sandaysoft's Cumulus and Davis' Weatherlink".
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