Weather station has been running since March 2009. To July 2009 this weather station worked in the testing phase. During these five months all the sensors have been checked, such as the anemometer (measuring wind speed and direction), thermo - hygrometer (determination of air temperature and humidity) and rain gauge. All of the measuring instruments are currently located in the most optimal location in order to obtain the most reliable results. The entire station is located on the roof of a dwelling, at a height of 8.7 meters above the ground, giving a value of 289.7 m above sea level. Weather station National Geographic 265 NE, also known under another name WH1080 Electronics Fine Offset, collects data every 1 minute. Collected at this website data are segregated mainly thanks to the programs Weather Display, Cumulus and software National Geographic Society.
The meteorological station, in the form in which it now exists, was my dream. In Chorzow, my native city, it wasn't the condition for the location of any measuring instruments, whose measurements would be affected by the surrounding building blocks. When I move to Bedzin - Grodziec, I could get on with the implementation of my dreams and create a weather station. It is located at 50 20 '49" north latitude and 19 04' 45" east longitude, in the south - west slope of "Mount Saint Dorothea". In the future, if funds permit, plan to install ground thermometers.
Ask how it all works? Indicators, which measure the rain, two anemometers and a thermo - hygrometer, send the measurement data via cables to an external transmitter. This in turn transmits the data via radio to monitor. As previously mentioned measurements are made at one-minute intervals. All data are collected from the measurement of the meteorological station and in addition the device measures the air temperature and humidity in the apartment building. If the monitoring device is connected to a computer cable, the measurement results are processed by the programs Weather Display, Cumulus and software National Geographic Society. If the computer is turned on, the data are sent to a wireless network to the router and hence, thanks to the script every 5 minutes sent to the server.
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